RUN TO WINDSOR - The Peep Show Marathon
RUN TO WINDSOR - The Peep Show Marathon
RUN TO WINDSOR - The Peep Show Marathon

RUN TO WINDSOR - The Peep Show Marathon

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As it turns out, the distance from Zodiac Court, Croydon (otherwise known as APOLLO HOUSE/Mark and Jez' flat) to Windsor City Centre is more or less 26 miles (aka. the length of a marathon).

Whether this is a genius ploy by the writers of Peep Show to one day tempt its fans to make the pilgrimage or simply a happy accident; we decided that it's high time to that our endorphins kicked in, our legs turned to jelly and we CRACK on in following the footsteps of the one and only Super Hans and ACCIDENTALLY RUN TO WINDSOR in order to really stick it to debilitating mental health diseases (by raising money for Mind charity.)

In this inaugural attempt we're looking to have around 30 El Dudes running the route; on 12th October 2024, leaving from Zodiac Court at 10am.

We'll be joined by Men with Ven for support along the way and we hope to end things down the Swan & P*do for a pint of Guinness (without a logo in the foam) or one of their organic scrumpies. 

  • This is fun run and not a race (there's no competitive element implied)  
  • All participants must be 18 or over
  • All participants must read and agree to the liability waiver*
  • No refunds can be given if you cannot make the race, transfers can be arranged in advance.  

The entry fee covers the cost of race organisation, safety measures, race kits, and post-race celebrations

*It's legalese, keep your beak out